Over forty years ago, the inhabitants of the Middle East region had been long known for their commercial skills. One ambitious young man started selling glass in a small shop. Today, with over six branches worldwide and operations on an international scale, Mr. Ali Kesserwani and his sons overlook their well-established company, S.G.L.I.CO (Societe Generale Libanais Investment Companie - Ali Kesserwani and Sons).
Better known as the Lebanese General Company for Commercial Investment SAL, it specializes in general trade and distribution of glassware, and other related products. The goods range from enamel kitchenware and porcelain ware, to tableware and furniture.

A few years after creation, the company grew well enough to establish itself as a wholesaler in the markets of Syria, Egypt, Nigeria, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These branches, as well as two offshore companies (AK Group and ITC), are managed by the headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon. Locally, the company holds a retail/wholesale branch in Beirut, with a state-of-the-art design. The shop's two floors are lavishly filled with high-end furniture, and luxurious gifts from crystals to tableware. Another branch is located in the Bekaa (Northern Lebanon).

The company’s name had gained such a credible and trustworthy reputation that it got to be supplied by some of the most distinguished manufacturers of Asia and Europe. Extensive dealing with Chinese factories (thus establishing an inspection office in China) led to gaining exclusive distribution of some Indonesian manufacturers' products. Other major suppliers include Pakistan, Italy, France, Czech Republic, India, and others.

Due to success in the commerce field, the company expanded by entering the manufacturing field, thus DECO GLASS was born. This factory, located in Bekaa, Lebanon, exports products from silver and gold glass to golden-plated porcelain ware and engraved crystals. Adopting an efficient strategy, the factory's well-experienced professionals manage a great supply chain and a high-quality assurance system. In addition, the "Just-in-Time" (JIT) philosophy is implemented thus leading to a high market share and position, both locally and internationally.

With such a highly positive reputation and presence in the global market, both the company's suppliers and customers constantly repeat how much of a joy it is to work with S.G.L.I.CO. This is what keeps us going, as we hope to retain this satisfaction on an even greater scale in the future.




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